Security Council

Samuela Ma’u

Head President

Hi guys! My name is Samuela Ma’u and I am delighted to serve as your Head President in Security Council. Just a little about myself: I am a junior in SMIC-I Private School Shanghai and have been doing MUN for the past 7 years now. I have attended over 16 conferences in Asia, and have experienced everything from being an admin staff in SMICMUN III to being deputy chair in SHAMUN XXI. Out of all these conferences, all the delegates shared in common their will and desire to solve injustices through rigorous debate and impeccable diplomacy. I hope that trend does not end with you guys as we will be divulging into some extremely contentious topics: the Belarus-Poland border crisis, the military coup in Myanmar, and the violence between Azerbaijan and Armenia. With that being said, I hope to see you all well prepped and well read on March 3rd! Cannot wait to see what this committee has in store! 

Aaron Huang

Deputy President

Chaeyoon Kang

Deputy President