International Court of Justice

Ally Seo

Head President

Welcome participants. 

My name is Ally Seo, currently a Senior attending International school of Qingdao, and it is an honor to serve you as the Head President of International Court of Justice in MUNiSC 2022. 

As a court, participants in ICJ will follow a different format where they will attempt to mediate dispute between countries. Instead of writing a resolution, participants will be working on questions for testimonies and have trials. This year, there will be two topics, focusing on illegal trafficking near the borders and territorial dispute upon Nagorno-Karabakh. As a prosecution or Defense, participants will be representing either Poland or Belarus and Armenia and Azerbaijan.

 Trying for a new experience could make one feel anxious, yet ICJ will be a great opportunity for all participants as participants will not only voice out their opinions, but can also make other voices heard. Such opportunity will allow participants to demonstrate their potentials and further challenge themselves.

Thus, I hope to see all participants getting actively involved during the conference. 

I will be looking forward to see you in March.

Bella Jo

Deputy President

David Lin

Deputy President