Meet the Secretariat

Hyunjun Woo


Honorable chairs and directors, esteemed delegates and advisors, and most respected guests,

This is Hyunjun Woo, and as the Secretary-General, I would like to welcome you to the fourteenth annual session of Model United Nations international Schools Consortium.

Our theme this year is “Overcoming Obstacles to Collaborative Efforts.” With the COVID-19 Pandemic as its exposition, the deglobalization trend is accelerating at an unprecedented speed. Countries are moving away from each other.
However, amongst this crisis, our mission is to build on the momentum towards the Sustainable Development Goal 16, Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions and Goal 17, Partnerships for the Goals. Our destination is to regain a life of peace and dignity for all.

I am excited to see you all at the conference!

Daniel Park

Deputy Secretary-General

Welcome to MUNiSC XIV!

My name is Daniel Park, currently a senior attending the International School of Qingdao. It is a privilege to serve you as the Deputy Secretary-General for MUNiSC XIV. This year’s MUNiSC will be my 12th MUN conference, as well as my last high school MUN conference.

Overcoming Obstacles to Collaborative Efforts has been adopted as the theme of this year’s conference. During recent years, the world has walked away from realizing essential principles of the United Nations and forgot the commitment to achieve global peace and cooperation. Even as of now, ongoing wars and conflicts are making people desperately nervous, fundamental human rights are still not guaranteed to a lot of people, and growing political tensions between countries is definitely not what the Untied Nations pursues. However, it is time for the world to proceed with the next chapter of its history. The world needs to take each step together to overcome obstacles. Actions must be taken before it is too late, so that no one will be left behind.

By carving the theme deeply into your mind, I encourage all participants not to be intimidated from explicitly proclaiming your opinions, but instead to seize this unique opportunity to demonstrate your leadership. I guarantee that the MUNiSC XIV will allow all participants to reveal their potential to become future leaders. Take the responsibility to represent your position and show the grace to perform your duty.

I am eager to see how participants will fruitfully connect with others to achieve ambitious and constructive goals together. Although this year’s MUNiSC is a virtual conference, once you overcome the tall barrier of computer screens, you will be introduced to gain various experiences in this conference. Improve your public speaking skills, strengthen your knowledge in current issues, and most importantly, make new friends!

See you all at MUNiSC XIV!

Jason Lee

Head of Administration

Hello everyone, welcome to MUNiSC XIV!

My name is Jason Lee, currently attending at International School of Qingdao as a junior. I am very excited and happy to serve you as the Head of Administration for MUNiSC XIV.

As a student who started to participate in the MUN conference as a delegate, I have learned that the MUN conference is a perfect place to express what is in our hearts and discuss world issues. These days, society tends to ignore controversial issues and just go over them. Why do we have to do that? Why is expressing personal opinions and thoughts are wrong? If we keep on ignoring sensitive and controversial issues and do not talk about them, we cannot make this world a better place to live. Please do not be afraid to express what is in your mind. Please be free to say what you want. MUNiSC XIV is a conference where we share what is in our minds.

I hope through this MUN experience, all participants will be able to grow as a leader and improve in public speaking skills.

See you soon!

Please email for any questions regarding the conference.