Individual Delegation Application

*This application form is for those whose participation in MUNiSC cannot be registered through a school and thus wish to participate on the individual level. Please note that MUNiSC 2021 does not bear responsibility for any absences; individual delegates are responsible for facilitating with their own schools for participation in MUNiSC 2021 from March 5th to 7th, beginning at 9 AM (China Standard Time) on each day. However, if it is needed that MUNiSC officially contact the school, please send an email to indicating the school’s contact information, and we will send a statement of participation after the delegate is registered.

*This will be the name that will appear on your certificate. For most people, it would be their full legal name. Please note – you do not have to fill out the middle name section if you do not have one.
*This is the name you typically prefer to go by. If it is the same as your Certificate Name, you do not have to fill this section out.
*If your grade is not listed here, please take note of the age limit of our conference.
*Please list the full name and abbreviation. (ex. International School of Qingdao (ISQ))
*Email will be the primary means of contact for MUNiSC 2021. Please enter an email address that you will check the most often, preferably daily.
*Social Media (ex. WeChat ID, Instagram username)
*Please briefly list all the MUN conferences you have attended and the role you held in each.