Advisory Panel

Paulina Jung

Head President


Advisors, student officers, delegates, and guests. 

Welcome to the 14th annual session of Model United Nations International Schools Consortium (MUNiSC). My name is Paulina Jung currently a Senior attending International School of Qingdao (ISQ) and it is my utmost honor and pleasure to be serving as the president of the Advisory Panel during MUNiSC XIV. 

Looking back to my 4 years of high school, Model United Nations (MUN) has inspired myself to become engaged with the world of public speaking and communication with students across different countries. At my first conference in Tianjin, I was unable to speak up, let alone communicate with delegates from different countries. In fact, I lacked the confidence that was needed. Having watched fellow delegates, I felt the need to practice, and so I stepped in front of a mirror, repeating my speeches until I became certain of myself. Eventually, I felt more at ease attending conferences. But what I’ve come to realize is that my passion for resolutions is what molded me into a delegate that others looked up to. 

During my final MUN conference, I would like to pack memories of fun, collaboration, consultation, and friendship into my heart to take with me. 

I look forward to meet you all in March!

Tay Lee

Deputy President

Justin You

Deputy President